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Using Tally.ERP 9 for GST Compliance

T his topic will take you through an end-to-end experience of how Tally.ERP 9 will help you comply with GST.




If you are a Tally user

Upgrade to Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.6

If you are not an existing Tally user

Install and activate Tally.ERP 9

Activate GST for your company

To start using Tally.ERP 9 Release 6 for GST



e-Way Bill to transport goods

e-Way Bill

FAQ - Generate e-Way Bill Details

Regular Dealer

To set GST details in masters

Set up GST rates

Refer Providing GST Details for details on how tax rates are used.

Managing HSN Codes/SAC and Tax Rates

Printing HSN/SAC in Your Invoice

To prepare your ledgers for GST transactions

Stock items

Create GST Classification to easily set GST details.

Service ledger

Sales and purchase ledgers

Updating party ledger

Creating party ledger

GST tax ledgers

Income and expense ledgers

Apart from GST, if your business need not comply with other taxes anymore

Deactivate VAT, Excise, and Service Tax features

To claim opening tax credit from VAT

Transfer tax credits of VAT, Excise, and Service Tax to GST

To record purchases under GST

Inward supply

Restart voucher numbering to ensure that unique voucher numbers are used for all your vouchers.

GST Purchases - Nil Rated, Exempt, SEZ, and Works Contract

To record import of goods under GST

Import of goods under GST

To account for purchases with reverse charge

Inward supply from unregistered dealers

Inward supply of services

Import of services

To record purchase returns under GST

Purchase returns

To record sales under GST

Record outward supply and print sales invoice

Restart voucher numbering to ensure that unique voucher numbers are used for all your vouchers.

Record all types of GST sales such as nil rated, exempt, SEZ, deemed export, and consumer sales

Interstate Sales to Embassy or UN Body under GST

To record the GST sales of goods and services in a single invoice, where one of the items is the principal supply

Sales of composite supply under GST

To record the GST sales of multiple items as part of a single bundled package

Sales of mixed supply under GST

To record export sales under GST

Export sales under GST

To record sales returns under GST

Sales returns under GST

To record transactions with Kerala Flood Cess

Kerala Flood Cess

To record change in assessable value

Change in Assessable Values of Purchases and Sales

To record payments and receipts under GST

GST payment voucher

Advance receipt from the customer under GST

Advance payment to the supplier in case of reverse chargeable transactions

To record adjustments entries under GST

Adjustments Ā against tax credit under GST

TDS adjustment in GST

TCS adjustment in GST

Refund of tax credit under GST

ISD credit under GST

Transitional credit under GST

Liability for interest, penalty, late fee, and other dues in GST

Reversal of tax credit under GST

Generating GSTR-1 report

To file monthly returns on outward supplies

File GSTR-1

To view vouchers excluded from GSTR-1 returns

Resolving Incomplete/Mismatch in Information (GSTR-1)

To view GSTR-1 details in the format given by the department

Generating GSTR-1

To mark information of outward supplies in your books as reconciled with the data on the GST portal

Status Reconciliation

To view the description of data captured in GSTR-1 e-return

GSTR-1 - e-Return Description

Document Summary

Advance Receipts Summary

Map Unit of Measure of stock item to Unit Quantity Code

Advance Payments Summary

Generating GSTR-3B report

To view the GSTR-3B report


To file returns on inward and outward supplies

File GSTR-3B

To view vouchers excluded from GSTR-3B returns

Resolving Incomplete/Mismatch in Information (GSTR-3B)

GST Annual Computation

To view GST Annual Computation

GST Annual Computation

Advance Receipts Summary

Advance Payments Summary

Purchase of Reverse Charge Supplies Report

Import of Services

Purchase from URD - Reverse Charge Liability

Input Credit to be Booked under Reverse Charge

Other Reports

Mark Changed Vouchers

e-Sugam Report for Karnataka

KFC Computation Report

HSN/SAC Summary and Challan Reconciliation reports

To view the details of HSN/SAC-wise taxable value and tax amount that needs to be filed along GST returns

HSN/SAC Summary

To view all the GST payment vouchers and other liabilities that were recorded

Challan Reconciliation Report for GST Payments


Frequently asked questions

Common queries about GST


FAQ on Filing GST Returns

GST not getting calculated automatically

GST not getting calculated on few slab rates

FAQ - Masters for Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh

FAQ - Transactions for Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh

FAQ - GST Reports for Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh

Composition Dealer

Set up composition rates

Composition Rate Setup

Prepare your ledgers and stock items for GST composition transactions

Stock Items and Ledgers

Stock Item

Sales ledger

Purchase ledger

Party ledger

GST ledger

Expense or income ledger

Discount ledger

Record transactions


Local purchase - Goods

Local Purchase - Services

Interstate Purchases

Purchase of services under reverse charge

Purchase of services with discount


Purchase Returns


Sales Returns

Tax Liability

GST composition returns

Generate GST CMP-08 Report

Print Form GST CMP-08


File GSTR-4