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Return Transaction Book for GCC VAT

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The Return Transaction Book displays the latest instance of Overwrite or Save as Revised performed on VAT form.

View the Return Transaction Book

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > Return Transaction Book .

The Return Transaction Book appears as shown below:

2. Yes is displayed in the Is Modified column then changes have been made in masters or vouchers after VAT Return was saved.

3. Click F6: Show All to view all previously saved returns.

Generate the saved return

Select the required row in the Return Transaction Book and press Enter .

The VAT Return report is displayed. In the Return Transaction Book report, if Yes is displayed in the Is Modified column, the message (The return values might have been changed, press F5 to recompute) is displayed in VAT Return report. Recompute the values, if required.