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E-Filing Annexure 2C2D (Delhi)

Annexure 2C2D displays the month-wise details of debit/credit notes related to local purchases and sales.

As per the requirement of the department of commerce, only local purchase and sales related debit and credit notes should appear in Annexures 2C and 2D. Therefore, CST related debit and credit notes will not be captured in these annexures.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > Form DVAT 16 > Quarterly .

2. Click A : Annexures .

3. Select Annexure 2C2D and press Enter . The Annexure 2C2D screen appears.

4. Press Alt+E to export and Β the Export Report screen is displayed.

Note: The excel template provided by the government should be downloaded and saved in a folder.

5. Enter the path of the template provided by the government in the Export Location field.

6. Enter the Name , Status/Designation , Date , Place .

7. Press Enter to generate Annexure 2C2D in Excel format.

The description of Annexure 2C2D is given below:

Field Name



Displays the auto-generated serial number for each row.

Year & Quarter (YYYYQQ) (C02)

Displays the quarter in which e-filing is done.

TIN (C03)

Displays the TIN/Sales Tax Number of the party ledger selected while recording invoice.

Seller's/Buyer’s Name (C04)

Displays the name of the party ledger selected while recording invoice.

Type (Debit Note /Credit Note) (C05)

Displays the code given to the transaction based on the type of nature of transaction.

Turnover Amount (C06)

Displays the assessable value of purchase and sales returns recorded in debit and credit note.

Tax Amount (C07)

Displays the tax amount calculated on the assessable value captured in column C06.

Form Type (Annexure 2C/2D) (C08)

Displays the type of annexure either 2C or 2D based on the type of transaction.

Last updated for Release 5.4.4