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Configure Advanced Options for Groups

You can configure additional group information such as:

Sub-ledger creation of groups

Nett debit/credit balances for reporting


Method to allocate purchase invoice

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Advanced configurations

Button options in Group Creation Screen

Advanced configurations

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Groups > Create (Single Group) .

2. Select F12: Configure (Group Configuration) and enable Allow advanced entries in masters.

The group creation screen with advanced options is displayed as shown below:

In the Group Creation screen

1. Enter a name for the group.

2. Enter a group category. If a group is created under Primary you must select from asset, expenses, income or liability.

3. Select the Nature of Group .

4. Select Yes for the option Group behaves like sub-ledger? to allow groups to act as a ledger.

o When the option Group behaves like sub-ledger? is set to Yes , the ledgers grouped under the same is not displayed in detailed mode, as shown below:

o When the option Group behaves like sub-ledger? is set to No , all the ledgers that are grouped is displayed in detailed mode, as shown below:

5. Set Nett Debit/Credit Balances for Reporting? to Yes to display net debit or credit balance in the report (whichever is higher).

6. Set Used for Calculation (e.g. taxes, discounts)? to Yes if ledgers under this group have percentages for discounts or taxes to be used in invoice entry. This is displayed while passing voucher in invoice mode and for automatic calculations.

7. Select Method to Allocate when used in Purchase Invoice from the Allocation Methods list to allocate the expense of the item in the ratio of the quantity or value.

Button options in Group Creation Screen


Shortcut Keys


L: Ledgers


Click to view Ledger Creation screen

S: Cost Category


Navigate to Cost Category Creation screen

C: Cost Center


Navigate to Cost Centre Creation screen

O: Employee Groups


Navigate to Employee Groups Creation screen

E: Pay Heads


Navigate to Pay Head Creation screen

P: Employee


Navigate to Employee Creation screen

T: Attd Type


Navigate to Attendance/Production Type Creation screen

U: Units


Navigate to Unit Creation screen

B: Budget


Navigate to Budget Creation screen

V: Vch Types


Navigate to Voucher Type Creation screen

The default buttons available are L: Ledgers and V: Vch Types . The other options are displayed based on the accounting features enabled in F11: Features .

Note: F12: Configure changes apply to all companies while changes made in F11: Features affect only the current company.