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Overdue Payables Report

This is a list of all purchase bills that are overdue as of a specified period.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Exception Reports > Overdue Payables

Date : The date of Invoice entry is displayed here.

Ref No. : Invoice number is displayed here.

Party’s Name : The name of party to whom bills are due as of a specified period is displayed here.

Pending Amount : The amount which is pending/due as of a specified period is displayed here.

Due on : The due date of payment of the amount is displayed.

Overdue by days : According to the period specified, Overdue by days will be displayed.  By default it will calculate overdue days from the date specified for ‘Due On’.

Press F12:Configure in Overdue Payable screen :

For more details on F12:Configuration refer Overdue Receivables .