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e-VAT Annexure 12 (Rajasthan)

Annexure 12 captures the details of total sales returns made by registered dealers. It has to be submitted along with VAT Form 10 , and Annexures 08 and 08A . The amount of tax shown in Annexure 12 should be equal to the value shown in box 1.6 Sales return of taxable goods within State under rule 22(1)(c) (other than return period) of VAT Form 10 .

Annexure 12 displays transaction where :

The Nature of Transaction selected is Sales Taxable and Sales - Works Contract

In party ledger master,

o The VAT TIN number is 11 digits long, and starts with 08 .

o The Type of Dealer selected is Regular .

To view Annexure 12

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > Form VAT 10 > Annexure Ready .

Press Enter .

To export the report in excel format

1. Select Annexure 12 , and press Enter .

2. Click E : Export . Ensure the output file VATForm12.xls is available in the Export Location .

3. Specify the period, and press Enter to export the data.

The data exported to excel template can be validated, and converted to .csv format. The different fields in the excel template are described below:

1. Details of sales out of which sales return is made

1.1 VAT Invoice No.*

Displays the number entered in Original Invoice No. field of credit note.

1.2 Date (dd/mm/yyyy or dd-mon-yyyy)*

Displays the date entered in the Original Invoice field of Credit Note in DD/MM/YYYY format.

1.3 To whom issued*

Displays the name of the party ledger selected in the credit note.

1.4 Name of Goods*

Displays the Commodity Name assigned to the item selected in the credit note.

1.5 Amount*

Displays the sales value of each commodity in the particular sales transaction, against the respective commodity name.

1.6 Tax*

Displays the VAT paid or payable on each commodity in the specified sales transaction.

2. Details of Sales Return

2.1 Goods returned by Document / Challan No.

Displays the document number of the credit note.

2.2 Date (dd/mm/yyyy or dd-mon-yyyy)

Displays the voucher/ invoice date of credit note.

2.3 Amount

Displays the assessable value of the credit note.

2.4 Tax

Displays the Output Tax calculated on the assessable value.


Click this button to validate the information captured in the annexure. After validating errors found, the information captured is shown in the eVAT-Annexure-Form-12 format sheet. If no errors are found, the .csv file is generated. The .csv file can be uploaded into the department portal directly.