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View Cancelled Vouchers

This report is a repository of all cancelled vouchers.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Exception Reports > Cancelled Vouchers . By default, the List of Cancelled Vouchers screen displays the cancelled voucher on the current date.

2. To display the cancelled vouchers for a specific period, click F2 : Period .

3. Specify the To and From dates.

All the cancelled vouchers in the specified period will be displayed. The List of All Cancelled Vouchers report appears as shown below:

4. To display voucher narration in the List of Cancelled Vouchers report, click F12: Configure and s et the option Show Narrations Also to Yes .

5. To view the name of the user who has entered or altered the transaction, click F12: Configure .

6. Set the option Show Entered/ Altered by to Yes . This configuration will appear only if the option Use Tally Audit features is set to Yes in the Company Alteration screen.