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Annexure Reversal Tax Credit of Form VAT R1 (Haryana)

Annexure Reversal Tax Credit captures details of reversal of Input Tax Credit.

To view and export Annexure Reversal Tax Credit

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > select Form VAT R1

2. Select Annexure Ready and press Enter .

3. Select Annexure Reversal Tax Credit and press Enter . The Annexure Reversal Worksheet screen appears.

4. Click E : Export .

5. Press Enter to export data.

The value of Annexure Reversal Tax Credit is captured in R1 - 5 (2) Less Tax paid on purchase, not part of input tax as per 9 and in 6(1), 6(2) and 6(4).

The exported data appears in the TEMPLATE-VAT-RETURN-R1-ITC_REVERSAL_WORKSHEET.xls file.

The description of the information displayed in each field is given below:

Field Name


Sr. No.

Displays the serial number of the journal voucher.

Computation of tax paid in respect of goods purchased in the State form VAT dealers on tax invoice which is not to form part of input tax*

Displays the circumstances in which input tax credit is reversed (as selected in the Additional Details field in the journal voucher).

Rate at which ITC is to be reversed *

D isplays the rate of tax at which goods were transacted and eligible for the reversal of Input Tax Credit (as selected in the Additional Details field in the journal voucher).


Displays the net assessable value of goods transacted (with flag Reversal of ITC in the journal voucher).

Input Tax to be reversed

Displays the input tax amount to be reversed.