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Create POS Voucher Type with Voucher Class

The payments against POS invoices are generally made by way of cash, gift vouchers,cheques/drafts or through credit/debit cards. The payments accepted by the business can be pre-defined in the POS invoice. To create a POS Invoice Voucher Type with Voucher Class, you may create a new POS Invoice Voucher Type or alter an existing Sales Voucher Type.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Voucher Type > Create .

2. Enter POS Invoice as the Name .

3. Set Sales as the Type of Voucher .

4. Set the Method of Voucher Numbering as Automatic .

5. Set Use for POS Invoicing? to Yes .

Note: The Use for POS Invoicing? option will appear only when the Default Tax Unit is set to Not Applicable .

6. Enter Print Message 1 and Print Message 2 , as required. You can enter any custom messages (such as "Thank You" or "Visit Again"), which will be printed at the bottom of the POS invoice .

7. Enter the Default Print Title , as required.

8. Enable Set/alter declaration , if required.

9. Enter the Name of Class . The Voucher Type screen appears as shown below:

10. E nable Gift Vouchers , Credit/Debit Card Payment , Cheque/DD , Cash as required and select the corresponding ledgers.


For Gift Vouchers , the ledgers should be created under Sundry Debtors Group

For Credit/Debit Cards , the respective Bank Ledger should be created under Bank account or Bank OD/OCC

For Payment through Cheque/DD , the respective Bank Ledger should be created under the group Bank Accounts or Bank OD/OCC

For Cash , the Ledger should be under group Cash-in-Hand

11. Select any accounting ledgers that have to be pre-defined in the POS invoice  and the percentage of allocation.

12. Select any additional accounting ledgers to be pre-defined in the invoice, and the Type of Calculation .

The POS Class screen appears as shown below:

13. Press Enter to go to the Voucher Type Alteration screen.

14. Press Enter to save.