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Transfer Analysis

When using different stock journals for each transaction, Transfer Analysis gives the movement details for each type of stock journal.

This report displays information about the items which are transacted in the stock journal voucher. Generally, in stock journal voucher, movement of goods, manufacture of goods or inter-godown transfer is recorded.

This is a very useful costing and waste analysis tool. In non-manufacturing set ups, which have multiple godowns, this report is a quick check to verify that all transfer entries have been entered correctly.

To view the Transfer Analysis screen for any stock journal voucher type:

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Inventory Books > Movement Analysis > Transfer Analysis

Buttons Available in Transfer Analysis Screen


Shortcut Keys

Description and Use

F5: Vch Type


The navigation to other voucher types from the same screen is possible .

C: New Column

Alt + C

You can view the report of various voucher types in the single screen. In the Select Column Details screen under ‘Name of Voucher Type‘ select the required voucher type, ‘New Column’ will be displayed in the existing screen along the voucher type selected earlier.

A: Alter Column

Alt + A

If you like to alter the existing voucher type display and like to view the report of other voucher type, ‘Alter Column’ can be selected

N: Auto Column

Alt + N

This option will enable you to view the report Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Yearly etc, of all voucher type.

F12: Configuration in Transfer Analysis Report

To view configuration screen.

Press F12: Configure from Transfer Analysis report:

o Show Goods In (Production) Column : Goods which are inwards through stock journal / manufacturing journal voucher type will be displayed here.

o Show ‘Goods Out (Consumption) Column : Goods which are outwards through stock journal / manufacturing journal voucher type will be displayed here.

o Show using Alternate Units : If a stock item has alternate units defined, then on setting this option to Yes, alternate units will be displayed in the column Alt. Units .

o Show Tail Units of Compound Units : Enable this option to display the second unit of the compound units defined for the stock item.

o Appearance of Stock Item Names : By default only the stock item name will be displayed in the Movement Analysis report. A different display name style can be selected from this field. For example, if Name (Description) is the display name type selected, the stock item name and the description entered for the stock item will be displayed in the Movement Analysis report.

o Appearance of Ledger Names : From this field, the appearance of all ledgers, like stock groups, groups, ledgers, etc., other than stock items can be changed.

o Sorting Method : Report values can be sorted based on quantity, rate, value, stock item name, etc. A suitable sorting method can be applied. Quantity-wise and Rate-wise sorting can be done either by the Goods In column or the Goods Out. This can be selected from the Sort By field.