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Setting Up Banking Features

Tally.ERP 9 provides the default banking features required to record payment transactions. By using F11: Features , you can modify the default settings for banking features of your company depending on the business requirements.

1. Go to F11 : Features > F1 : Accounts . The Company Operations Alteration screen appears as shown below:

2. Enable Set/alter transaction types . Include or exclude the required transaction types based on your business needs. The Cheque , e-Fund Transfer , and Others options are enabled by default. The Alteration of Transaction Types screen appears as shown below:

3. Enable Set/alter post-dated transaction features . Click the bank name from the List of Banks which you want to be listed as notional banks to support post-dated transaction options.

4. Enable Set/alter banking features .

Enable beneficiary code - Enabling this option allows you to add the beneficiary details in the ledger. This feature is available only when you create bank ledgers with e-payments enabled.

Enable bank details for cost centre - Enabling this option allows you to make cost centre payments through the bank.

Export/upload payment instructions on voucher creation - This option allows you to export payment instructions directly from the voucher if you provide the necessary payment details during voucher creation.

Ignore transactions with information mismatch - Enable this option to ignore transactions in which bank details entered are different from the masters.

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