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Annexure M Β - Form 13 (Assam)

The Annexure Part M provides details of sales in the course of interstate trade.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > FORM-13 .

2. Press Ctrl+E to display the Export Report screen. Ensure the excel template Form13Monthly.xls is available in the Export Location .

3. Enter the Name and Status/Designation of the authorised person, and the Place of business. If these details are provided in the Company VAT Details screen, the same appears automatically.

4. Enter the Date of filing return.

A brief explanation about the form fields is given below:

Column Name


Sl. No.

Displays auto-generated serial number for each transaction.

Name of the purchasing dealer

Displays the name of the party entered in the party ledger creation screen or in the Party Details screen of the invoice. If a different name is entered in the Party Details screen, the report will display the name from the Party Details screen.

CST Reg number of purchasing dealer

Displays the CST number of the dealer as Β entered in the party ledger creation screen or in the Party Details screen of the invoice. If a CST number entered in the Party Details screen is different from the number entered in the party ledger creation screen, the report will display the number from the Party Details screen.

As per the template issued by the Commercial Tax department and for portal validation, this field accepts 14 alphanumeric digits including special characters. It should not start with the state code 18.

Commodity (ies)

Displays the Commodity Name predefined for the stock item selected in the invoice. If a single invoice has multiple commodities, Β the name of all the commodities should be displayed here.

Invoice Number

Displays the sales invoice number of interstate sales transaction.

Invoice Date (DD/MM/YYYY)

Displays the sales invoice date of interstate sales transaction.

Sale value excluding CST

Displays the net assessable value of sales, sales return and adjustment recorded.

The following Nature of Transactions are considered:

● Interstate Sales - Against Form C

● Interstate Sales - E1

● Interstate Sales - Taxable

● Interstate Labour Charges Collected

● Interstate Sales Exempt - E1

● Interstate Sales - E2

● Interstate Sales Exempt

● Interstate Sales - Tax Free

● Interstate Sales - Works Contract

● Interstate Sales - Zero Rated with Party Entity/Org. Type set to:

o Diplomatic Missions, U.N, UNICEF, WHO & Foreign Aid

o Exempted/Concession by Notification

● Interstate Sales Exempt - With Form C


Displays the total CST amount from the interstate sales invoice.

Last updated for Release 5.5.3