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e-VAT Form 48 (Rajasthan)

Form 48 captures the details of imports and inter-state purchases made by registered dealers (including commodities attracting 65% special rate). It has to be filed along with VAT Form 10 . This is also called as the Statement of used form VAT 47 .

The transactions recorded using the following Nature of Transactions are displayed in Form 48

o Imports

o Interstate Purchase - Against Form C

o Interstate Purchase - Taxable

o Interstate Branch Transfer Inward

o Interstate Purchase Deemed Export

o Interstate Purchase - E1

o Interstate Purchase - E2

o Interstate Purchase - Zero Rated

o Interstate Purchase Exempt - E1

o Interstate Consignment Transfer Inward

o Interstate Purchase Exempt - With Form C

In party ledger master,

o The VAT TIN number is 11 digits long and does not start with 08

o The Type of Dealer selected is Regular

To view Form 48

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > Form VAT 10 > Annexure Ready > press Enter .

To export the report in Excel format

1. Select Form 48 , and press Enter .

2. Click E : Export . Ensure the output file VATForm48.xls is available in the Export Location .

3. Specify the period, and press Enter to export the data.

The data exported to excel template can be validated and converted to .csv format. The different fields in the excel template are described below:

Assessment Year

Displays the assessment year based on the period entered in Export Report screen of Form 48 .

Quarter to which the statement relates

Displays the quarter based on the period entered in Export Report screen of Annexure 48 .

Dealer / Person from whom Goods purchased / received.


Displays the name recorded in the ledger master of the supplier selected in the inter-state or import purchase transaction including all inter-state nature of transactions and import.


Displays the address predefined in the party ledger master or entered in the Party Details screen of purchase invoice.

Particulars of Goods Imported

Reg. No. (TIN)

Displays the TIN number recorded in the TIN/Sales Tax No. field of VAT Details screen in ledger master or entered in the Party Details screen of purchase invoice is captured here.

Note: The TIN of the selected party ledger should not start with 08.

Invoice / Challan No.

Displays the number entered in Supplier Invoice No. field of the purchase invoice.

Date (dd/mm/yyyy or dd-mon-yyyy)

Displays the supplier invoice Date entered in the purchase invoice.

Name of the Goods

Displays the Commodity Name assigned to the item selected in the respective purchase transaction. If there are multiple commodities in a transaction, each one is captured in different row.

Value (in Rs.)

Displays the assessable value of each commodity selected in the invoice.

Serial No. of used form VAT - 47

Serial No.

Displays the Sl. No. in Form VAT-47 entered in the Statutory Details screen of purchase invoice.

Status for the Form

Displays the option selected in Status of the Form field of Statutory Details screen in purchase transaction as

Used : The status Used is selected when the serial no. of Form VAT-47 is already used in the form submitted to the department.

Cancelled : The status Cancelled is selected when the serial no. of Form VAT-47 which was submitted is cancelled by the department due to various reasons.


Click this button to validate the information captured in the annexure. After validating, errors found in the information captured are shown in the eVAT-Annexure-Form-48 Format sheet. If no errors are found, .csv is generated, and can be directly uploaded to the commercial tax department portal.