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Voucher Clarification (International)

The Holiday Calendar and the Vouchers/Ledgers that are marked as External Clarification by the user will be available for the Ā Clarification in the Report section under Voucher Clarification report.

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View the Voucher Clarification screen

Provide clarification to the vouchers marked for external clarification

View the Voucher Clarification screen

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Accounts .

2. Select Voucher Clarification and press Enter . The Voucher Clarification screen appears as shown:

The vouchers that have been marked for external clarification under Data Analysis report or Verification reports will be displayed here.

The user can press Enter and drill down to list of Need Clarification Vouchers screen. The user can either correct the Vouchers or provide the necessary clarification.

Provide clarification to the vouchers marked for external clarification

1. Press Enter on the Need Clarification voucher count. The list of Clarification Vouchers appear as shown:

2. Select the voucher and press F9 or click F9 : Clarify button.

3. In the Voucher Clarification screen, specify the required clarification and press Enter to accept.

On providing clarification, the count of clarified vouchers will be displayed in the Verification dashboard under the column External Clarification - Clarified .