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Enabling Excise for Importers

You can enable excise for importers by using the F11: Features for Statutory and Taxation .

To enable excise for Importers

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > F11 Features > Statutory and Taxation .

2. Set Enable Excise to Yes in the Company Operations Alteration screen.

3. Enable the option Set/alter excise details .

The Excise Registration Details screen appears as shown below:

4. Select Importer as the Registration Type .

5. Enter ECC No.

o ECC number is PAN based, and has 15 digits. The format of ECC no. is ABCDE1234HXM001.

6. Enable the option Set/alter excise tariff details to record tariff details.

If all the stock items that the importer deals have the same tariff details, then tariff details can be recorded here.

o Enter Tariff Name .

o Enter HSN Code .

o Select the unit of measure from the List of Excise Reporting UoMs .

o Ad Valorem is selected as the Type of Valuation . The cursor skips this field.

o To modify the type of valuation

o Click F12: Configure .

o Enable the option Allow Modification of Valuation Type .

o Press Ctrl+A to save the configuration.

o Select the required Valuation type in the Excise Details screen.

o Enter the Rate of duty.

7. Press Enter to save the Excise Tariff Details.

8. Alter/provide the other details, such as Unit Name , Address , State , PIN Code and, Telephone Number, if required.

9. Press Enter to save the excise details.


If all stock items that the importer deals with belong to the same tariff, then define the tariff at the company level. Else,tariff can be created at the group level, the stock item master level or accounting ledger level.

Ladakh is listed in the State field in Release 6.5.5 and later versions.