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Purchase Annexure (Andhra Pradesh)

This annexure displays details of purchases from registered VAT dealers within the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Details of transactions with the following criteria are displayed in this annexure.

Purchase Taxable , Purchase - Works Contracts or Purchase Taxable - Capital Goods are selected as the Nature of Transactions.

Transactions with 1%, 5% and 14.5% tax rates.

Input Tax Credit Admitted on Capital Goods is selected as the Nature of Adjustments in journal voucher.

To export data to the Purchase Annexure template

1. Copy the purchase_dtls excel template to the Tally.ERP 9 installation folder.

2. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > Form 200 .

3. Select Annexure Ready and press Enter .

4. Select Purchase Annexure and press Enter .

5. Click Export .

6. Press Ctrl+A to export data .

The exported data appears in the Purchase Annexure excel template. A description of the information displayed in each field is given below:

Field Name



Displays the TIN entered in Company VAT Details screen of Statutory & Taxation features.


Displays the month for which Purchase Annexure report is generated.

The period displayed in this report can be changed from the e-VAT Annexures screen.


Displays the year, derived from the period selected for generating the annexure.

SL.No (1)

Displays the serial numbers for the rows of information in the annexure.

Seller's TIN (2)

Displays the TIN entered in the party ledger masters or while recording purchase of taxable or capital goods and works contract transactions.

Name of the Seller (3)

Displays the name of the party entered in the party ledger master or in the Party Details screen while recording purchase of taxable or capital goods and works contract transactions.

Invoice No (4)

Displays the Supplier Invoice No. entered in the purchase invoice.

Invoice Date (dd-mm-yyyy) (5)

Displays the supplier invoice Date entered in the purchase invoice.

Name of the Commodity (6)

Displays the Commodity Name :

Predefined for the stock item selected in the purchase transaction.

Entered in the Input Credit Details screen displays on debiting the current asset ledger for purchase of capital goods in purchase voucher.

Entered in the Credit Settlement Details screen displayed on selecting VAT ledger in journal voucher .

Value excluding VAT in Rupees (7)

Displays the assessable value of:


Journal vouchers used to record tax credit on purchase of capital goods.

Rate of Tax % (8)

Displays the tax rates of 1%, 5% or 14.5% selected in purchases and journal vouchers.

VAT Paid in Rupees (9)

Displays the tax amount calculated at 1% or 5% or 14.5% tax rates in journal and purchase transactions.