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Modify Tax Details in Transactions (Service Tax)

You can override service tax details defined in company level, ledgers, or groups by altering the details while recording a transaction.

1. Click F12: Configure in the voucher.

2. Set the option Allow modification of tax details for service tax? to Yes .

3. Press Ctrl+A to save changes and return to voucher.

4. Select the required sales ledger. The Sales Tax Allocation screen appears.

5. Click F12: Configure . The Service Tax Details Configuration screen appears.

o Set the option Allow alteration of tax rate during entry? to Yes .

The Service Tax Allocation screen appears as shown below:

o Select the Category .

o Enter rate of Service Tax .

o Enter rate of Swachh Bharat cess .

o Enter the rate of Krishi Kalyan cess .

6. Press Ctrl + A to save.

Note: You can also view all the service tax details such as applicable from, category and others.