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Job Work Out Order for a Stock Item with BOM

Under this we will learn to record a Job Work Out Order for a stock item for which Bill of Material (BOM) is created and all the material required will be delivered at once.

For example, On 6-12-2010, ABC Company delegated the Job of Manufacture of 200 nos of 10Litre Cooker to National l Manufacturers. To manufacture of 10 Litre Cookers Raw Materials will be supplied by ABC Company using the JoB Work BOM.

Record the Transaction in Job Work Out Order

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Order Vouchers > J : Job Work Out Order .

2. Enter the Date as 6-12-2010 .

3. Party A/C Name : In this field select the Job Worker ledger on whom the Job Work Out Order is raised. For example, Global Manufacturers.

4. In Party Details screen, under Process Instruction section specify the Duration of Process and Nature of Process to be carried out.

5. Order No : In this field enter the Job Work Out Order Number. For example, Job - 002 .

6. Name of Item : In this field select the stock Item i.e. Finished Goods to be manufactured by the Job Worker. E.g. Cooker 10Litre . Press Enter to view Stock Item Allocations screen

7. In Stock Item Allocation screen,

Track Components : By default this field will be set to Yes . If the Principal Manufacturer wants to track the raw materials used in the manufacture of finished goods retain the Setting as Yes .

Due On : In this specify the Date on which the delivery of Finished Goods is due . In this case ABC Company has accepted the manufacturing Duration of 45 Days. Hence the 200 Nos of Cooker 10Litre will be due on 21-1-2011 .

Godown : In this field select the Godown where the finished goods will be stored on Receipt of the same from the job Worker. E.g. Finished Goods Location .

Quantity : Specify the Quantity of finished goods to be received from the Job Worker. Press enter from Quantity field to view Components Allocation screen.

8. In Components Allocation Screen

Fill Components using : In this field by default the BOM created for the finished goods will be displayed.

If multiple BOMs are created then Tally.ERP 9 will display the First BOM of the Item. Based on the BOM displayed the Raw materials pending for issue and By-Products/Co-products/ Scrap receivable will be displayed.

If users are issuing raw materials based on different BOM then select the appropriate BOM in this field. Here, ABC Company are issuing the Raw materials se per Job Work BOM. On selection of applicable BOM the items will be displayed with the Quantity required to manufacture 200Nos of pressure Cooker 10Litre.

Observe, when the BOM is selected by default the voucher date will be displayed as the Due on date for Raw materials and for By-Products/Co-products/Scrap the due date specified for the Finished goods will be displayed. When BOM is selected the Quantity As per BoM will be displayed automatically

In Component Allocation screen, if the Raw material Due date is different then alter the same.

The completed Component Allocation screen is displayed as shown:

In Stock item Allocation screen,

o Rate : In this field specify the Rate of Finished goods. For example, 1585.

o Amount : Will be calculated and displayed automatically.

o Cost Tracking To : Select New Number and specify the tracking number as JobOut - 002 .

The completed Stock Item Allocation screen is displayed as shown:

Press Enter to save the Item Allocation screen.

The completed Job Work Out Order is displayed as shown:

9. Press Enter to save.