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e-VAT Annexure N (Jharkhand)

Annexure N is a statement of reconciliation that displays the value of goods received on account of interstate purchases with Sugam-G details. This annexure has to be filed with VAT Form 200. It captures the party-wise consolidated value of transactions where Sugam-G number is used during the quarter.

The periodicity of this annexure is quarterly and the due date for filing this return is the 25th of the subsequent month.

Annexure N captures party-wise consolidated value, where:

● The nature of transaction selected is:

o Interstate Branch Transfer Inward

o Interstate Consignment Transfer Inward

o Interstate Purchase - Against Form C

o Interstate Purchase Deemed Export

o Interstate Purchase - E1

o Interstate Purchase - E2

o Interstate Purchase - Taxable

o Interstate Purchase Exempt

o Interstate Purchase Exempt - E1

o Interstate Purchase Exempt - With Form C

o Interstate Purchase - Zero Rated

● The VAT TIN number of the party is 11 digits long and does not start with 20.

To export Annexure N

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > VAT Form 200

2. Click A : Annexures .

3. Select Annexure N , and press Enter .

4. Click E : Export .

Note: Ensure that the excel template is available at the export location.

5. Press Enter to export.

The fields in the annexure are described below:

Field Name


Dealer Tin

Displays the TIN of the assessee company, as recorded in the TIN field in the Company VAT Details screen.

Name of Purchaser

Displays the name of the party from whom the goods were purchased, as record in the Name field in the ledger master of the party.


Displays the party TIN selected in the invoice, as recorded in the VAT TIN No. field in the VAT Details screen of the party ledger master or in the TIN/Sales Tax No. field in the Party Details screen of the sales transaction.

Note: The e-template of the annexure is not accepting the TIN of states other than Jharkhand. However the online web form is accepting TIN of other states. This is an issue with the template.

Value of Sugam-G generated for Interstate Purchase/Stock Transfer Receipt during the Period (A)

Displays the consolidated value of the transactions made against the party with Sugam-G details.

Value of Goods in Transit during the Period (B)

This column is left blank.

Value of Goods in Transit in immediately preceding quarter but received during the current quarter (C )

This column is left blank.

Net Value (D=A+C-B)

Displays auto populated value.