Ledger Outstandings Report

This report displays the outstanding receivables or payables for a particular party ledger during a specified period. You can view this report in browser .

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View Ledger Outstandings report

Button options in Ledger Outstandings report

View Ledger Outstandings Report

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statements of Accounts > Outstandings > Ledger

2. Select a ledger from the list. The Ledger Outstandings report appears as shown below:

You can print or export Reminder Letters from the Ledger Outstanding report by enabling the option Print Reminder Letter in the Print Report or Export Report accordingly.

Button options in Ledger Outstandings report

C : Contact : Click C : Contact or press Alt+C to view the ledger contact details.

B : Bill Settlement : The Bill Settlement option helps to settle the selected or all bills from the Ledger Outstandings report. To settle the required bills:

o Select the bills to be settled by pressing Spacebar .

o Click B : Bill Settlement button or press Alt+B key.

In the Bill Settlement screen:

o In the field Voucher Type, by default Receipt or Payment , based on the final outstanding amount of the selected bills, will be pre-filled.

Note: The Payment/Receipt Voucher Types (other than the default voucher types) created by the user along with the Voucher Class will also be available for selection if any, from the Bill Settlement screen.

o In the field Voucher Date , enter the date of Receipt/Payment voucher

o In the field Account , select the required Bank or Cash ledger from the List of Ledgers

o Specify the required remarks in the Narrations field

o Press Enter to Accept the Bill Settlement sub screen and pre-fill the Receipt/Payment Voucher as shown:

o Press Enter to save the Voucher.

Note: Cost Centre Allocation can also be made while creating the Payment/Receipt Vouchers .

Once the Bills are settled, the Ledger Outstandings report will be updated accordingly.

F1: Detailed : Click F1 : Detailed or press Alt+F1 to display the Ledger Outstandings report in the detailed view. In the detailed view, the following will be displayed:

o Voucher details : Voucher Date, Voucher Type(s),Voucher Number(s), and Amount

o Inventory details : Quantity, Stock Item, and Rate

Note: To display information about inventory in the detailed view of the report, stock items have to be selected in the voucher, and the option Show Qty Info in Detailed Format has to be enabled in the report's Configuration screen.

F2: Period : Click F2: Period button or press F2 key to change the period.

F4: Ledger : Click F4: Ledger button or press F4 key to display the list of ledgers. Select the required ledger to view outstandings for the selected ledger.

F6: Age wise : Click F6: Age wise button or press F6 key to display the Age wise analysis of the Ledger Outstandings report.  For more information, refer Ageing Analysis report.

F12: Configure : Click F12: Configure to change the report configurations, as required.

F12 : Range : Click F12 :Range or press Alt+F12 to use the Range Filter option to search for specific bills from the list of bills outstanding. Users may filter the transactions based on the Date , Original Amount , Pending Amount , Ledger , Reference number . etc. This is a useful tool, as it makes the process of finding specific bills fast, easy and simple.

R : Remove Line : Click R : Remove Line button or press Alt+ R key to remove a line item from the Ledger Outstandings report.