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Job Work In Order

In case of Job Work In Order, Job Work receiver gets the Job Order with the details of Finished Goods to be manufactured,  expected Quantity of Finished Goods, Raw material to be supplied by the Principal Manufacturer (job work giver), Date of Delivery of Raw Materials (if delivered in installments) etc. In Tally.ERP 9 users can record Job Work In Orders using Job Work In Order voucher.

For example, On 4-10-2010, ABC Company received Job Order from Bright Home Appliances to manufacture 200 nos of 12 Litre Cooker. To manufacture 12 Litre Cookers following Raw Materials will be supplied by Bright Home Appliances.

Raw Materials


Bottom Plate-12Ltr

300 (Nos)

Lid Aluminium Plate-12 Ltr

300 (Nos)

Handle (8 Ltr

600 (Nos)

Packing Box (12 Ltr)

300 (Nos)

Hand Book

300 (Nos)

The following scrap produced will be returned to the Principal Manufacturer:



Aluminium Scrap

7500 (GM)

1. Record the Transaction in Job Work In Order

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Order Vouchers > W : Job Work In Order

2. Enter the Date as 4-10-2010.

3. Party A/C Name : In this field select the Principal Manufacturer ledger from whom the Job Work In Order received. E.g. Bright Home Appliances .

4. In Party Details screen, under Process Instruction section specify the duration of Process and Nature of Process to be carried out.

5. Duration of Process :  In this field enter the duration of the manufacture of finished goods. i.e. within how many days/months etc. the process to be completed and goods to be delivered.

6. Nature of Processing: In this field specify the details of nature of process (process Instruction) to be carried out to manufacture the expected finished goods.

7. Sub Contractor : In this field specify the name of the sub contractor to whom you have delegated the job order received. You can also record the address and tax registration number of the sub contractor.

Note : The Party Details screen will be displayed while recording Job Work In Order only if the option Accept Supplementary Details option is set to Yes in Job Work In Order Configuration. Providing details in Duration Of Process and Nature of Processing in Job Work In Order is Mandatory .

8. Order No : In this field enter the Job Work In Order Number. E.g. JobIn - 001

9. Name of Item : In this field select the stock Item i.e. Finished Goods to be manufactured. E.g. Cooker 12Litre . Press Enter to view Stock Item Allocations screen

10. In Stock Item Allocation screen,

‚óŹ Item Allocation for : By default the stock Item selected in the Job Work Out Order will be displayed, indicating that the ¬†item allocation is for the selected item.

‚óŹ For Order Number : By default the Job order specified in the Job Work Out Order will be displayed indicating that the item allocation is for the job order specified.

‚óŹ Track Components : By default this field will be set to Yes. If the Job Worker wants to track the raw materials used in the manufacture of finished goods retain the Setting as Yes .

Note : In case the Job Worker does not want to track the Raw materials then set the  option Track Components to No . When this option is set to No, Tally.ERP 9 will not display the Component Allocation Screen.

‚óŹ Due On : In this field specify the Date on which the delivery of Finished Goods is due. In this case Bright Home Appliances has accepted the manufacturing Duration of 20 Days. Hence the 300 Nos of Cooker 12Litre will be due on 25-10-2010

Note : If the Principal Manufacturer has agreed for the delivery of finished goods in Installments the user can define multiple Due on date with Quantity of delivery.

Example : 100 Nos on 10-10-2010, 100 Nos on 15-10-2010 and 100 Nos on 25-10-2010.

‚óŹ Godown : In this field select the Godown where the finished goods will be stored after manufacture of goods. For example, JobWork (In) Godown.

‚óŹ Quantity : Specify the Quantity of finished goods to be delivered to the Principal Manufacturer.

‚óŹ Press enter from Quantity field to view Components Allocation screen.

Note :

1. Component Allocation screen will be displayed only when the option Track Components is set to Yes in Stock Item Allocation screen.

2. The Finished goods for which Job Work In order is raised does not have the Bill of Material (BOM) then in Component Allocation screen, Tally.ERP 9 will skip Fill Component using field and cursor will be displayed in Name of Item field indicating that the Raw Materials required for the manufacture of Finished goods have to be selected from the List of Stock Items.

‚óŹ I n Components Allocation Screen,

o Name of Item : Select the Raw materials required to manufacture the finished Goods. For example, Bottom Plate-12Ltr.

o Track : In this field select Pending to Receive from the Type of Component list as the Raw materials have to be received from the Principal Manufacturer.

o Due on : In this field specify the date on which the Raw materials will be received. By default the Voucher Date will be displayed in this field. if the Receipt Date is different than the voucher date, specify the correct Due on date. Here, ABC Company is receiving the Raw materials on 5-10-2010.

Note : If the Principal Manufacture is delivering the raw materials in Installments then user can define multiple Due on date with Quantity of delivery.

Example : 100 Nos on 5-10-2010 and 200 Nos on 10-110-2010

o Godown : In this field select the godown where the Components/ Raw materials will be stored.

o Quantity (Actual) : In this section specify the Quantity of Raw materials to be received.

Note : Cursor will not move to As per BOM field when the BOM is not selected in Fill Component using field.

o Rate : In this field specify the Rate of Raw material received for the manufacture of finished goods.

‚óŹ Similarly, select all the Raw materials to be received towards the Job work In Order .

‚óŹ In the process of Manufacture of Cooker 12Litre, Aluminium Scrap is produced. Under Name of Item select Aluminium Scrap and in Track field select Pending to Issue as the scrap has to be issued (sent back) to the Manufacturer along with the Finished goods.

Note : While recording the Job Work Out Order users can also track the Scrap, By-Products or Co-products produced during the manufacture of Finished goods.

‚óŹ In Due On field specify the Date on which the scrap will be sent back, Here, Job Worker is ¬†sending the scrap along with the Finished Goods on 25-10-2011 .

‚óŹ In Godown field select the Godown where the scrap will be stored. E.g. JobWork (In) Location

‚óŹ In Quantity (Actual) field specify the Quantity of scrap to be received. e.g. 7,500 Gm

The completed Components Allocation screen is displayed as shown:

‚óŹ Press Enter to accept the Component Allocation screen and to view Stock Item Allocation screen.

‚óŹ In Stock item Allocation screen,

o Rate : In this field specify the Rate of Finished goods. E.g. 1575

o Amount : Will be calculated and displayed automatically. Press Enter to save the Item Allocation screen.

o Cost Tracking To : In this field select JobIn - 001 from the List of Cost Tracking Numbers.

Note : ABC Company wants to track the total cost incurred for the manufacture of 12 liter Cooker for the JobIn -001 received from Bright home Appliances.

The completed Job Work In Order is displayed as shown:

11. Press Enter to save.

Note : Similarly, you can create Job Work In Order for a stock item with BOM by selecting the applicable BOM in Fill Components using field in Components Allocation screen.

The details of Job Work In Order details can be viewed in,

‚óŹ Job Work In Orders Book

‚óŹ Order Outstandings

To view the Job Work In Orders Book

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Job Work In Reports > Job Work Registers > Job Work In Orders Book