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"Use Edit Log for transactions/masters, and digital signature for invoices/reports with Release 2.1. Download NOW!"

Display Reports

The display of information is designed to allow a user to get the maximum benefit of the data that is entered. A user gets a holistic picture of the data and is also able to present information using different options. The purpose of compiling data is to present it in comprehensible accounting reports. On entering the vouchers, Tally.ERP 9 uses the same data and provides you with the management control reports in addition to all books and statements.

The display screens of Tally.ERP 9 are dynamic and interactive. They are not spooled print files but are specially designed for the screen. What you see on the screen can be printed as well depending upon your printer’s capabilities.

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Modifying Reports

Display Financial Statements

Display Balance Sheet

Display Profit & Loss Account

Display Receipts & Payment Account

Display Trial Balance

Display Registers and Ledgers

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Movement Analysis

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Exceptional Reports

Printing Reports

Printing Reports