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Configure Add-Ons in a Multi-site Account from Control Centre

In a multi-site account, the add-ons purchased from TallyShop or the Tally website can be enabled for any or all the sites using the TDL Configuration Pack in Control Centre .

The process of configuring add-ons in a multi-site account consists of two steps:

1. Create a TDL configuration pack.

2. Linking the TDL configuration pack to a site.

Create a TDL Configuration Pack

1. Go to Gateway of Tally .

2. Press Ctrl+K to access the Control Centre .

3. Log in to the Control Centre using your e-mail ID and Tally.Net password.

4. Select TDL Management , as shown below:

5. Press Enter . The List of TDLs screen appears as shown below:

6. Click F9: New TDL Config in the List of TDLs screen. The TDL Configuration Management screen appears.

7. Enter a name for the TDL pack in the Name of Configuration field.

8. Set the option Allow local TDL files? to Yes .

9. Select your desired add-ons from the List of Account TDLs in the Specify Account TDL files for loading field.

Note: In the List of Account TDLs , the add-ons purchased by you appear as Perpetual under License . The add-ons that are being used by you on a trial basis appear as Evaluation .

10. Press Ctrl+A to accept.

The specified add-ons are added to the new TDL configuration pack that you created.

Note: Tally.ERP 9 comes with a default TDL configuration, which acts as an inbuilt list for configuring account TDL. You can also alter this default TDL configuration to create a customised configuration pack.

Link the TDL configuration pack to a site

Once the TDL configuration packs are created, you can link them to specific sites.

1. Go to the Control Centre screen.

Note: If you are not currently logged in to the Control centre , press Ctrl+K from the Gateway of Tally , and log in using your e-mail ID and Tally.Net password.

2. Click License Management . The Licensing and Configuration screen appears.

3. Click F6: Show Config .

4. Select the Site ID to which the TDL Configuration pack has to be added.

5. Select the TDL Configuration pack from the List of TDL Configurations , as shown below:

6. Press Ctrl+A to accept.

The TDL configuration pack is now added to the site.

Note: To ensure availability of the TDL, update the license of the site.

You can confirm the availability of the add-ons by going to F12: Configure > Product & Features . The add-ons linked to the site will appear under the TDL Files/Add-ons section in the Product & Features screen.

Add-ons for a single-site account

In a single-site account, add-ons are configured automatically after being added to your account. The details can be viewed in the TDL Files/Add-ons section under F12: Configure > Product & Features .

Note: In case the add-on is not configured in a single-site account after being downloaded, you can update your license to view the add-on details.