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Update Party GSTIN/UIN

Quickly update the GSTIN/UIN details for your parties group-wise from the Update Party GSTIN/UIN report. You can also provide this at the individual party ledger level. Use the Import Party GSTIN tool to import GSTINs for several parties in one-go.

Update Party GSTIN

Import Party GSTIN

To update party GSTIN or UIN

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > GST > Update Party GSTIN/UIN .

2. Select the group and ledger for which you want to update the GSTIN/UIN.

3. In the Update Party GSTIN/UIN screen, enter the GSTIN/UIN number for each party.

4. Set the option Other Territory to Yes if the party is belongs to Exclusive Economic Zone (other territory).

Click F5 to toggle between Show All and Show Pending.

Show All: Lists all the parties.

Show Pending : Lists the parties with missing details, such as country, state, registration type, or GSTIN/UIN.

Once you have updated the GSTIN/UIN for your parties, you can print the GSTIN details in your invoices for filing returns.

Note :

In Release 6.6.3, you can enable the columns State Before Reorganisation and GSTIN/UIN Before Reorganisation from F12: Configure . You can capture pre-merger details for the union territory Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu in these columns.

You can only select Daman & Diu or Dadra & Nagar Haveli or Not Applicable in the State Before Reorganisation column.

You can enter GSTIN/UIN Before Reorganisation details for Daman and Diu or Ladakh or Jammu and Kashmir

Import Party GSTIN

The Import Party GSTIN add-on helps you update GSTIN details of all parties at once from Microsoft Excel. It is very useful if you have the GSTIN information of all parties outside Tally.ERP 9 and want to import the information to update the party ledgers in Tally.ERP 9.

Note: You need to export existing party information to MS Excel using Update Party GSTIN , and use this MS Excel file to fill in the GSTINs that you want to import.

To install the Import Party GSTIN add-on

1. Download the Import Party GSTIN add-on from the Add-ons section here .

2. In Tally.ERP 9, click F12: Configure > Product & Features > F4: Manage Local TDLs .

3. In the TDL Configuration screen, set the option Load TDL files on startup to Yes .

4. Specify the name of the add-on with the folder path containing the add-on in the field List of TDL files to preload on startup .

5. Press Enter to save.

Import Party GSTIN appears under GST Reports.

To import party GSTIN details

1. Go to Display > Statutory Reports > GST > Update Party GSTIN .

2. Select All Items in the Name of Group and Name of Ledger fields in Select Group screen and press Enter . The Update Party GSTIN/UIN screen lists all parties without a GSTIN.

3. Click Export to export the information in excel format.

4. Open the exported file, specify GSTIN details for the parties, and save the file.

5. In Tally.ERP 9, go to Display > Statutory Reports > GST > Import Party GSTIN .

6. Specify the name of the MS Excel file to be imported with the path in the field Name of the file to be imported (Excel) .

7. Specify the name of the sheet containing information in MS Excel file in the field Sheet name .

8. Press Enter to import.

When the import is completed, the MS Excel file opens and displays the message Data imported successfully .

Note : Ensure the party names are not altered in the MS Excel file exported from Tally.ERP 9. Also, the name of Country , State and Registration Type specified in the MS Excel file must match the spellings given in Tally.ERP 9.

To correct errors in the imported data

1. Open the MS Excel file and check for a sheet called Errors . If this sheet is there, it means that some data was incorrect for some parties and has not been imported into Tally.ERP 9.

2. Check and make necessary corrections in the Errors sheet. Save the file.

3. Import the file again, and specify the sheet name as Errors . The corrected information is imported this time.

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