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CT-3 Outstandings Report (Excise for Manufacturer)

This report allows you to track pending goods to be delivered to merchant exporter using CT-3 numbers recorded in sales orders. CT-3 (certificate 3) is the certificate on the basis of which merchant exporter procures excisable goods. The certificate number and date is recorded in sales order in Tally.ERP 9 to enable tracking.

CT-3 Outstandings report provides details of order, delivered and pending quantity for a CT-3 number.

To view CT-3 Outstandings report

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > Excise Reports > Manufacturer > Export Register > CT–3 Outstandings .

2. Select the name of merchant exporter in the field Name of Party Ledger .

3. Select CT-3 number or Any in the field CT-3 Number . Select Any to view all outstanding CT-3 orders for the selected party.

The CT-3 Outstandings report for all CT-3 numbers for a particular party appears as shown below:

The information displayed in the report is described below table:



Excise Unit Name

Displays the excise unit name for which the goods are delivered against the sales order.

Party Ledger

Displays the name of merchant exporter on whom the sales order is placed.


Displays the date on which the sales order is recorded.

Order Number

Displays the voucher number of the sales order.

Description of Goods

Displays the name of the goods selected in the sales order.

CT-3 No. and Dt.

Displays the CT-3 No. and date recorded in the Certificate No. and Date field in Order Details section Party Details screen in the sales order voucher.

Ordered Quantity

Displays the quantity order for each stock item in the sales order.

Supplied Quantity

Displays the supplied quantity for each stock item, the supply can be through a sales invoice or delivery note.

Balance Quantity

Displays the quantity pending to be delivery for each stock item.

ARE-3 No. and Date

Displays the ARE-3 serial number and date recorded in the ARE Details screen of the sales invoice.