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Exporting e-VAT Tax Payment Details - Form VAT R1 (Haryana)

You can export tax payments transactions with details of deposits made to the bank to an Excel template and then import the Excel into the R1 e-return utility tool.

Before exporting the details, download the tax payment excel template TEMPLATE-VAT-RETURN-R1-TABLE7.xls from R1 e-return utility tool.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > VAT > Form VAT R1 > Annexure Ready / Annexure Errors .

2. Click T : Tax Payment to display the Export Report screen.

3. Enter the location of the excel template in the field Export Location .

4. Press Enter to accept the file name and sheet name, displayed in the fields Output File Name and Output sheet name , as is.

5. Set other fields as per your requirement and press Enter . The Export Report screen appears as shown below:

6. Press Enter to export.

Note: Alternatively, click T : Tax Payment in Voucher Register screen displayed on drill down from Tax payment (included) or VAT Paid under Payment Details in Form VAT R1 report.