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Transactions with Information Mismatch (with master)

When  bank details specified in a transaction do not match with the bank details specified in the masters, the transaction will be listed under Transactions with Information Mismatch (with master) in the e-Payments report. You can copy the information from the master to the voucher directly from the e-Payments report.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Banking > e-Payments .

2. Select the required bank column for the Transactions with information mismatch (with master) category, and press Enter . The following screen appears:

3. Press Enter to open the Update Bank Details screen which displays the Bank Allocation for section, as shown below.

o Click Copy Master Info to copy the bank details from the master to the voucher.

o Press Enter to accept the bank details as per the master. This will ensure that the bank details are the same as the bank details entered in the bank ledger master.

Alternatively, press Enter to Accept as is to accept the modified bank details.

Once completed, the selected transaction moves to the Ready for sending to bank category.

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