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Introduction to Natural Query Language

Natural Query Language acts as an interface between the user and a company connected to Tally Software Services (TSS). It is a way of communicating in normal words, following the grammar or syntax of a spoken language. Natural Query Language uses queries composed with basic, non-technical, English words.

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How it works

Suggestions for Receiving Accurate Results

Examples of valid and invalid queries

How It Works

To retrieve information from a company connected to Tally.NET, the user types a query on the mobile phone and sends it to a designated number. Tally.ERP 9 converts the query to a format which the database understands and extracts the required information from the company. The user receives a response with information in a simple format.

Suggestions for Receiving Accurate Results



Send one query in one message. Multiple queries cannot be sent in one query.

Requesting for a list of pending bills is an invalid query as it may exceed the character limit for a SMS.

Specify the names of masters as they exist in the company. Incorrect names, abbreviated forms will not give results.

Querying for ABC & Co rather than ABC may provide wrong or inadequate information.

Prefix a query with the type of master to get specific results.

A company has a sundry creditor ledger named Ajay Kumar and a cost centre or employee named Ajay Kumar. Querying for Ajay Kumar will result in the user receiving the first information that Tally detects. Prefixing the master, sundry creditor, to Ajay Kumar will help differentiate between the sundry creditor and the employee or cost centre.

Prefix all link masters with the link masters type for accurate results.

Invoices, batches, orders and so on, which link two different voucher types are link masters. They have numbers as part of their names. For example, Bill 0001 Pending Amount, Batch 01234 Expiry Date and so on.

Enclose names in the query in double quotes to get results specific to the complete name.

Querying for Ajay Kumar will match the name to Ajay, Ajay Malik, Ajay Kumar, Kumar, Kumar Krishnan etc. Enclosing Ajay Kumar within double quotes will make it a specific search query.

Remove SMS signature, if any.

Always prefix the type of master in all queries.

Ledger cash.

Note: If a query does not mention a company or a ledger, information about the last queried company or ledger will be sent. For example, a query was sent for a party's balance and information was received. If the next query asks for the address without specifying a ledger name, information of the party which was queried last will be sent.

Queries about two masters can be sent. For example, closing balance of ledger expenses for cost centre Mumbai branch. Currently this is supported for cost centres and ledgers.

Examples of valid and invalid queries

Valid Query

Invalid Query

Working Capital

Value of Working Capital

Ledger Kotak Bank Address / Closing Balance / Account Name

Kotak Bank Statement

Todays Receivables/Payables (two separate queries)

Purchase orders today

Quick Ratio/ Current Ratio (two separate queries)

Sales bills yet to make today

Arvind Kumar Debit Closing

Cancelled vouchers today

Sales Vouchers Today

Vouchers statistics today

Today's Receivables and Payable Amount

Quick Ratio, Current Ratio

Debit transactions of Arvind Kumar

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