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Annexure Purchase Tax Worksheet of Form VAT R1 (Haryana)

Annexure Purchase Tax captures dealer wise details of goods purchased at lower tax rates and without payment of tax.

To view and export Annexure Purchase Tax Worksheet

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > select Form VAT R1

2. Select Annexure Ready and press Enter .

3. Select Purchase Tax and press Enter . The Purchase Tax screen appears.

4. Click E : Export .

5. Press Enter to export data.

The exported data appears in the TEMPLATE-VAT-RETURN-R1-PURCHASE_TAX_WORKSHEET-EXCEL.xls file.

Note : The Excel file should be imported into the return filing utility provided by the government.

The value of Purchase Tax is captured in Form VAT R1 - 4 (2) Purchase tax as per 10 also added to 6(1), 6(2) and 6(4).

The description of the information displayed in each field of the Excel sheet is given below:

Field Name


Serial No.

Displays the serial number of the rows in the annexure.

Circumstances in which purchase tax levied*

D isplays the circumstances in which purchase tax is levied.

If Purchase at Lower Rate is selected in Additional Details field during journal voucher entry, then Goods purchased in the State at lower rate of tax for specified purposes but not made use of for the said purposes Tax computed under proviso to section 7(5) is displayed.

If Purchase without Payment of Tax is selected in Additional Details field during journal voucher entry, then Taxable goods purchased in the State without payment of tax when such goods or the goods manufactured there from are either exported out of State or used or disposed of (except when sold in the course of export out of India in a manner that no tax or CST is payable to the State.) is displayed.

Rate of Tax*

Displays the rate at which the goods are sold in the state of Haryana.


Displays the net assessable value of goods purchased (with flag Purchase Tax and Additional Details selected as Purchase at Lower Rate or Purchase without Payment of Tax in the journal voucher).

Purchase Tax due

Displays the purchase tax due amount.