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Ledger Analysis

Ledger Analysis is similar to Group Movement Analysis, where sales and purchases of stock items involving the selected ledger can be viewed. The next level of information brings up the transaction-level details.

To view the movement analysis for any particular account ledger

โ— Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Inventory Books > Movement Analysis > Ledger ย Analysis . The Ledger Analysis report appears as shown below:

This report contains information about the items which are transacted in sales and purchase vouchers for the selected ledgers.

When you select an account ledger (Debtor/Creditor/Cash/Bank) for the Ledger Analysis report, the sale and purchase of all the items, affecting the selected ledger, will be displayed in this report.

F12: Configuration in Ledger Analysis Report

โ— Click F12: Configure to view the configuration screen. The Configuration screen appears as shown below:

โ— Show Purchases Column? : Enabling this option will display the column purchases in the Ledger Analysis report. All purchases of the stock items made will be displayed here.

โ— Show Sales Column? : Enabling this option will display the column Sales in the Ledger Analysis report. The other options are explained in Stock Group Analysis.

Note: Quantity-wise and Rate-wise sorting can be done either by the Purchase column or the Sales column. This can be selected from the Sort By field.