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Send or Export Payment Instructions to the Bank

You can send a payment instruction (currently applicable for DBS bank) from Tally.ERP 9 to your bank if you have enabled the e-Payments feature. You need to have your Tally.NET ID registered with your bank to send the payment instructions directly to your bank for authorization.

For other banks, you can export the payment instruction to the required format, and upload the same to your bank portal.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F5: Payment .

2. Select the bank master for Accounts from the List of Ledger Accounts , and press Enter .

3. Select the party master under Particulars, from the List of Ledger Accounts , and press Enter .

Note: Ensure that the bank ledger and party ledgers have complete and valid information entered. Missing information is displayed in the e-Payments Report under Transactions with incomplete information .

4. Enter the amount to be paid, and press Enter .

5. Press Enter to open the Bank Allocations for screen.

6. Verify the party bank details.


You can make changes to the bank details of the party or split the payment amount into multiple transaction types in the Bank Allocations for screen.

Transactions with modified bank details will be displayed under the Transaction with information mismatch (with master) of the e-Payments report. For more information, refer to e-Payments Report.

7. Press Enter until you are on the voucher creation screen.

The following Voucher Creation screen appears

8. Press Enter . The following Uploading Payment Instructions screen appears

9. Press Enter to send the transaction to the bank.

Note: If you are not logged in with your Tally.NET user ID, the system displays an error message prompting you to log in.

o For DBS bank, the transactions are directly uploaded to the bank's portal. You can view the status of the transaction in the e-Payments report and authorise the same on the bank portal.

o For other banks supported for e-payments, the transactions are exported locally and you can upload the exported transactions by logging in to the bank's portal.

Note: Similarly, all payroll transactions can be either sent to DBS bank or exported locally and uploaded in case of other banks (if supported and enabled for e-payments) for salary processing. For more information, refer to Sending Payment Instructions to Bank .

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