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Annexure - LS10C of Form VAT R1 (Haryana)

Annexure - LS10C captures invoice wise and dealer wise details of de-escalation in the price of goods purchased (including capital goods).

To view and export Annexure LS-10 Table C

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > select Form VAT R1 .

2. Select Annexure Ready and press Enter .

3. Select Annexure - LS10C and press Enter . The Annexure - LS10C appears.

4. Click E : Export .

5. Press Enter to export data.

The exported data appears in the TEMPLATE-VAT-RETURN-R1-LS10C-LIST_OF_DE-ESCALATION_IN_PRICE.xls file.

N ote: T he Excel file should be imported into the return filing utility provided by the government.

T he value of LS10C is captured in

o Form VAT R1 - 2D (b)(i) Increase/Decrease in sales turnover as effect of return of goods & (de-)/ escalation as per LS-10 .

o Form VAT R1 - 2D (b)(ii) Increase/Decrease in Tax as effect of return of goods & (de-)/ escalation as per LS-10.

The description of the information displayed in each field of the Excel sheet is given below:

Field Name


Serial No.

Displays the serial number of the rows in the annexure.

Nature of Sale*

Displays the nature of sale as per the Nature of Transaction selected.

Name of the seller/person to whom DDN issued as the case may be *

Displays the name of the purchaser to whom the goods were sold.

TIN/Registration Application No.*

Displays the TIN or application number of the purchaser.

DDN No. *

Displays the credit note number.

DDN Date *

Displays the credit note date.

DDN Amount *

Displays the total value of the credit note.

Original Sale Invoice No. *

Displays the sales invoice number (as entered while recording credit note).

Original Sale Invoice Date *

Displays the sales invoice date (as entered while recording credit note).

Total Value of the Original Invoice (Amount in) *

Displays the sales invoice value (as entered while recording credit note).

Rate of Tax*

Displays the tax rate prevailing for the commodity in the State of Haryana. The tax rate is listed as per the list provided by the department.

De-escalation in Turnover*

Displays the de-escalated value of goods.

De-Escalation in Tax (including surcharge, if charged)

Displays the tax value of the de-escalated goods.