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e-VAT Annexure 201 C (Gujarat)

Form 201C is used to fill closing stock details such as Opening, Incoming, Outgoing, Closing along with the approximate value of the stock. It has to be filed every 6 months.

1. Copy the required excel template to the Tally.ERP 9 installed folder.

2. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > Form 201 .

3. Click A : Annexures .

4. Select Form 201C and press Enter .

5. Press Ctrl+E to view the Export Report screen. Ensure the excel template is available in the Export Location .

Based on the Form 201C report period, the From and To dates are displayed here. These dates can be changed from Form 201C report, if required.

6. Set the option Show All Items (Incl. zero balance) to Yes to export sales transactions recorded as zero valued entries.

7. Press Enter to export data.

The data gets exported to the e-return template. The information is displayed godown-wise with commodity-wise segregation. This is further grouped based on HSN code. Inventory details are displayed based on the highest value of stock available with the dealer.

In stock item master godown should be linked to the stock item.

Column Name



Displays the godown which is linked:

Internally to the item ( Main Location ) when multi-godown feature is disabled.

Manually in Stock Item Allocation screen when multi-godown feature is enabled.

Name of Commodity

Displays the Commodity Name entered in VAT Details screen of stock item master.

HSN Code

Displays the Commodity Code entered in VAT Details screen of stock item master.

Opening Balance Qty

Displays the quantity entered in Opening Balance field of stock item master.

Incoming during the tax period

Displays the quantity of stock items purchased in the current period.

Outgoing during the tax period

Displays the quantity of stock items sold in the current period.

Closing Balance

Displays the auto-calculated quantity (opening balance + incoming during the tax period - outgoing during the tax period).

Approximate Value of Closing Balance

Displays the auto-calculated value. (closing stock * value per unit).