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Form ER8 - Jewel (Excise for Manufacturer)

Form ER8 - Jewel is an excise unit wise report. Β This report will list out all the transactions recorded in particular quarter. It provides complete information on the assessable value and duty payable on all clearances of jewellery business. Drill-down reports till the last level of voucher entry are provided for each section of this report to display complete information of vouchers categorized under it.

To generate the Form ER8 - Jewel

● Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > Excise Reports > Manufacturer > Excise Forms > Form ER 8 - Jewel .

Form ER8 - Jewel report has the following three sections.

● Statistics : Displays all transactions recorded in a particular quarter. Based on the requirement of this return, the transactions are categorised as included in returns, excluded from returns or uncertain due to incomplete or mismatch in information.

● Computation : Displays the values considered for returns.

o Duty Payable : Displays the assessable value and duty amount of the all clearances based on the nature of removal selected in the transaction.

o Input Service Credit Availed : Displays the Opening Balance and Other Input Service Credit moved from service tax to excise.

o Input Service Credit Utilised : Displays the amount of input service credit utilised from the service tax credit availed.

● Payment : Displays the count of payment vouchers recorded by selecting the Tax Type as Excise in the Statutory payments screen of payment voucher. If there is any exception found by the system, they will be displayed under Not Included Transactions . Once the exception are solved, these transactions can be included for generating the form.

Statistics of Vouchers

This section displays voucher count for the following four categories:

● Total Number of Transactions

● Included Transactions

● Excluded Transactions

● Uncertain Transactions

Total Number of Transactions

It displays the count of all the transactions recorded in the selected quarter. The total count is categorised as included transactions, excluded transactions and uncertain transactions. Voucher count appears against each of these categories. The drill-down report of this row displays the Statistics report comprising of voucher types with the corresponding voucher count.

To view the Statistics of transactions

1. Select Total Number of Transactions

2. Press Enter .

The Statistics screen displays the list of voucher types with the corresponding:

● Count of vouchers recorded for each voucher type.

● Total number of vouchers recorded for the specified period.

Included Transactions

It displays the total number of transactions which are considered for Form ER8 - Jewel and linked to the selected excise unit. The following vouchers are displayed:

● Excise Sales

● Supplementary Invoices for Sales transactions

● Excise Debit Note

● Manufacturing Journal

● Excise Stock Journal

● Excise Material In voucher

● Purchase invoice of service tax moved into excise

Excluded Transactions

It displays the total number of transactions which are not linked to the selected excise unit and do not form a part of Form ER8 - Jewel . The following vouchers will be displayed:

● Transactions which belong to other excise units

● Contra vouchers

● Payment vouchers

● Inventory voucher such as Physical Stock, Rejections In, Rejections Out, Delivery Note, Receipt Note and Material In and Material Out

● Order vouchers such as Sales Order, Purchase Order, Job Work In and Job Work Out

● Payroll vouchers such as Payroll and Attendance vouchers

● Vouchers which are manually excluded by users

● Voucher excluded due to non-excise implications

● Non-accounting vouchers such as reversing journal, optional voucher and memorandum vouchers

● Cancelled vouchers

Uncertain Transactions

It displays the complete list of information gaps found in transactions. Until these details are specified, either in masters or transactions, the transaction cannot be considered for filing return. It consists of two broad categories,

● Master Related Exceptions

● Transactions Related Exceptions

All the transactions which are displayed here requires manual intervention to provide the appropriate details. Provision to completely exclude uncertain transactions is also made available. Hence, any transaction which has information gaps but is not required to be shown in the quarterly return, can be moved to Excluded Transactions .


The computation section displays the total assessable value and duty in Duty payable row. Summarised details in terms of values and voucher count all the transactions captured in the Included Transactions of Statistics of Vouchers are displayed here. The transactions categorised as excluded and uncertain are not be considered for computation.

Duty payable

The assessable value and duty amount of clearances recorded using excise sales invoice appears here. In the detailed mode, the break-up of assessable value and duty payable on goods cleared are categorised as:

● Home Clearance with nature of removal as Captive Consumption, Domestic, Special Rate and Exempt

● Exports/LUT

● Export/Bond

● Export/Rebate


● SEZ /Bond

● SEZ/Rebate

Payment Details

Separate section is provided to capture the count of all vouchers recorded for excise payments irrespective of the period selected to generate Form ER8 - Jewel . In this section, Included Transactions row displays the count of all payment vouchers recorded for payment of excise duty, arrears, interest and miscellaneous dues to the department. The Not Included Transactions row displays the count of excise payment vouchers recorded for a different return period.

Note: Payment voucher count is displayed in the Excluded Transactions row of Statistics of Vouchers .

Duty Payment

The total value of following payment transactions are displayed here.

● Payment of excise duty.

● The amount of excess payment made during the previous period carried forward to the current period.

The Balance Duty Payable row displays the amount calculated by deducting the Duty Payment made from the Duty Payable after CENVAT Adjustment.

Other Payments

The total value of payment vouchers recorded for payment made towards arrears, interest and miscellaneous dues for the current period are displayed here.