Finalisation Entries (India)

The Audit Journals report provides the required Audit Journal Voucher which can be used to pass the Finalisation Entries.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Audit Journals > F7 : Audit Jrnl. The Journal Voucher appears with the flag Finalisation as shown below:

2. Select the required Ledger and specify the required Amount for Dr field and press Enter .

3. Select the required Ledger for Cr field and press Enter .

4. Specify the Narration if any and press Enter .

5. Press Y or Enter to Accept the transaction. The total number of Vouchers passed with Finalisation Flag will be displayed in the Audit Journal Vouchers report as shown below:

6. Select the required Voucher .

7. Press Ctrl+F to Find Audit Note .