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VAT Purchases

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Branch Transfer Within the State

Consignment Transfer Inward

Exempt Purchases of Works Contract


Interstate Branch Transfer Inward

Interstate Consignment Transfer Inward

Interstate Purchase Deemed Export

Interstate Purchase Exempt - With Form C

Interstate Purchase Exempt

Interstate Purchase Exempt Against Form E1

Interstate Purchase of Works Contract

Interstate Purchase with Transfer of Right to Use

Interstate Purchases

Interstate Purchases Against Form C

Interstate Purchases Against Form E2

Labour Charges Paid

Labour Charges Paid on Interstate Purchases

Non Creditable Purchase of Special Goods

Other Purchases

Purchase From Composition Dealer

Purchase from Unregistered Dealer

Purchase of Capital Goods

Purchase of Capital Goods Taxable at Notional Rate

Purchase of Exempt Capital Goods

Purchase of Exempt Goods

Purchase of Works Contract

Purchase on High Seas

Purchase with Transfer of Right to Use

Purchases of Non-Creditable Goods

Purchases of Schedule H Items (U/s 19(1))

Purchases Treated As Deemed Exports

Interstate Purchases Against Form E1

Tax Free Interstate Purchases

Tax Free Purchases

Taxable Interstate Purchases

Taxable Purchases

Zero Rated Interstate Purchases

Zero Rated Purchases