This topic provides all the FAQ related to TDS.

1. How to specify Deductor’s branch/division details?

2. When a single payment voucher was recorded for parties whose deductee type belong to company and noncompany with the same challan details, there was an error while validating the exported E-TDS text file using the FVU E-TDS/TCS validation tool provided by NSDL department. How to resolve this?

3. How to recompute TDS returns ?

4. How do I configure Tally.ERP 9 to calculate TDS on normal or lower rate as per rule 37BC?

5. Recording TDS expenses with/without deduction for non-resident party without PAN is not appearing in returns. Why?

6. How to migrate TDS data?

7. TDS Rate ‘Payment to Transporters (Sub-Contractors)’ does not exist!

8. Challan and deductee details are not captured in e-TDS file

9. An error Partially overlapped appears while saving TDS Stat payment. Why?