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Re-Computing and Saving the Returns Form ER 8 (Excise for Manufacturer)

Form ER8 report provides an option to save the report before exporting return details. A saved return form can be re-computed, overwritten and saved again after making corrections.

Saving the ER 8 Return

In the Form ER 8 screen, once the Uncertain Transactions count becomes ‘0’, the details captured in Form ER 8 can be saved.

To save the details

Click F6: Save . The details will be saved.

If any transaction is modified/added after saving the return, the values can be recomputed. The recomputed information can either be:

Overwritten on the return saved earlier


Saved as Corrected Return

Re-computing, Overwriting, Saving Corrected Return

To save the changes made in the returns

Generate Form ER 8 report for the period for which the return was saved (for example, if the return was saved for the period 1-Apr-2014 to 30-Apr-2014, then view the report for the same period).

The message The return values might have been changed, press F5 to recompute will be displayed with a new section comprising details of:

o Modified Masters

o Modified Vouchers : This section displays the count of transactions which are Altered , Created and Deleted

To include the changes made into the report and recalculate the values

Click F5: Recompute .

Once the values are recomputed, the section displayed for modified masters and transactions will not appear. The recomputed values can be overwritten or saved as corrected return

To overwrite the recomputed information in the existing return

Click F6: Overwrite .

The message Do you want to Overwrite the Existing Return will be displayed. Press Enter to accept and overwrite the data with modified details.

To save the recomputed valued as corrected return

Click F7: Corrected Return .

The message Do you want to Save the Corrected Return will be displayed. Press Enter to accept and save the Corrected Return .

The modified Form ER 8 will be displayed after it is overwritten with modified data or saved as corrected return.