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Audit Programme (India)

Audit Programme is a detailed planning activity that consists of audit checklist with the objectives for each area. This programme helps the auditors/articles in proper execution of audit work.

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Create an Audit Programme

Create the Audit Checklist

Button options in Audit Programme

Create an Audit Programme

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Audit Documentation > Audit Programme .

2. Set Set / Alter Client & Auditor Details to Yes in order to specify the Auditor and Client details.

3. Under the Client Details:

Name : Accept the Company Name or specify the Company's registered Name.

Address : Accept the address or specify the registered address for the Company.

Phone : Specify Client's Phone number.

Mobile : Specify the Mobile number of the Client.

Email : Specify the official Email ID for the Client

Company Status : Select the required Company Type from the list.

Industry Type : Specify the required industry type such as Manufacturing, software, Banking and so on.

No of Branches (if any) : Specify the total number of Branches including the Head Office.

Branch Details : Specify the details of all the Branch Offices.

4. Under the Auditor Details:

Firm Name : Specify the Auditor's Firm Details.

Address : Specify the address for the Auditing Firm.

Audit Team : Specify the names of the Auditing team members.

Note: Press Ctrl+Enter for next line or line break.

5. Press Enter to save the accept and save the Auditor Details and Client Details .

The second part of the screen displays the areas of audit which is pre-filled with a checklist by default. This checklist can be modified and items can be added to this checklist by the auditor if required.

Create the Audit Checklist

As mentioned earlier, the audit checklist is defaulted with pre-defined audit areas and the auditor can modify the required audit areas or add new audit areas. The auditor can also specify the following details for each audit areas:

Estimated Period : The estimation for the duration of the Audit can be specified in this field. For example , 2 days or 6 hours and so on.

Actual period : The actual time take for the Audit can be specified in this field the audit is completed.

Extent of Verification : The details of Verification should be entered in this field after the completion of Audit.

Verified By/Remarks : The name of the Auditor (s) should be selected from the Audit Team List already specified earlier. Any new member to the Audit Team can be added by using the New option in the Audit Team List.

Reviewed By/Remarks : The name of the Auditor (s) who review the auditing performed should be specified here.

Note: The Extent of Verification and Verified By/Remarks are usually filled in only after the completion of audit for each Audit Area .

To create the comprehensive Audit Checklist

1. Select the required Areas of Audit from the List of Audit Areas .

Note: To add an Audit Area which is not there in the List of Audit Areas , select User defined Audit Areas from the list. For example , Physical Stock Verification can be added using this option in the Audit Programme . The user defined Audit Areas can also be deleted from the list using the option Remove User Defined Audit Areas .

2. Specify the Period and Verified by details for each of the Areas of Audit .

The completed Audit Programme screen prior to actual Audit is displayed as shown below:

The Auditor can enter the details for Actual Period , Extent of Verification , Verification Remarks and Reviewed By/Remarks after the auditing process for each area or after completing the entire audit.

Button options in Audit Programme

Copy the Audit Program : Tally.ERP 9 allows to copy the entire Audit Programme from one Company to another Company. Click on Ctrl+O : Copy Program or press Ctrl+O .

o In Copy From Company field select the required Company from the List of Companies which are loaded (from which the Audit Programme has to be copied).

o In Copy From Financial Year field select the year from which the Audit Programme needs to be copied.

o Press Enter twice to copy and save the Audit Programme .

Note: This option can be used to copy the Areas of Audit and Auditor Details . The Client Details will not be copied.

The Audit Programme can be printed and taken by the auditor(s)/article(s) while conducting the audit for reference.

Print the Audit Programme : Press Alt+P from Audit Programme screen. In the Audit Programme Printing screen press Enter or click Yes to print the Audit Programme.