Introduction to Support Centre

The support centre allows you to post query or issues on the functional and technical aspects of the product .

Go to Company Info menu or Gateway of Tally > Support Centre .

Note: Issues posted on the current date are in Blue .

The screen displays the following information:

1. Query List : The default setting of the page size to list the queries is 10. You may click on the link There are x rows more, show next x rows to view the next. Once the next 10 queries are displayed, the option 10 more, show previous 10 rows gets displayed on top of the list.

2. Ticket Summary : The Ticket Summary column displays the following:

The Ticket number .

The Account of the user.

The Reported o n date.

The Current o wner of the query.

The Current s tatus (Pending/ Closed).

The Ticket i nteractions will display the subject of the query.

The second part of the Ticket Summary displays the following:

The Date of the query.

The Subject of the query.

The query received From name.

The query sent To name.

The Description of the query.

Note: Click on Ctrl + R: Refresh button or Press Ctrl + R to refresh the query list.

You can also view the content in an enlarged mode, this mode displays a magnified view of the Ticket Summary.

View the query/issue horizontally

1. Highlight the required query/ issue from the list of queries.

2. Press Enter .

3. Click B : Go to Browser to browse the Ticket View in detail.