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Using Manufacturing and Expiry Dates

Usually, pharmaceutical companies, chemical industries, and so on, need to maintain their stock items with manufacturing dates and expiry dates. In Tally.ERP, you can maintain Batches with Mfg (Manufacturing) and Expiry dates .

Enabling Mfg. & Expiry Dates

To enable manufacturing and expiry dates,

Set Maintain batch-wise details and expiry dates for batches to Yes in F11: Features > F2: Inventory Features .

In the Item Allocation screen, set Maintain in Batches , Track Date of Mfg and Use expiry dates to Yes .

When you set this to Yes , you will see the following in the Item Allocation screen:


Select the Godown from the List of Godowns .

Batch / lot No.

Select the Batch number from the list of existing Batch numbers which will be displayed under List of Active Batches else click on New Number to give a new Batch number.

Quantity, Rate and Amount

Enter the quantity and rate. The Amount will be calculated automatically.


By default, the specified Unit of measure will be displayed here. The Rate is computed on the basis of Unit you specify here.

Mfg. Date

Enter the date of manufacture (This appears only if it is activated.). The date of manufacturing of the product needs to enter here. This enables you to set the expiry date for the batch as a period from the date of manufacture such as “three months from the date of manufacture”.

Expires on

Give the date of expiry (It will be displayed only if it is activated).