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Creating Excise Duty Classification (Excise for Manufacturer)

You can create excise duty classifications as per statutory requirements.

To create an Excise Duty Classification,

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Statutory Info. > Excise Duty Classifications > Create .

2. Enter the Name of the duty classification.

3. Select the applicable Duty code from the List of Excise Duty Codes .

4. Select the Calculation method from the List of Excise Duty Classifications .

The completed Excise Duty Classifications Creation screen appears as shown below:

5. Press Enter to save.

You can define the method of calculation based on the date of applicability, if required.

To define parameters based on the date of applicability

1. Click L : Details .

2. Enter the date from which the defined parameters are applicable from.

3. Press Enter .

4. Select the Excise Duty Classification , as required.

5. Press Enter .

6. Define the duty calculation method for the next period.