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Interstate Purchase Return Annexure (Karnataka)

You can generate interstate purchase returns annexure by exporting data to the e-filing template.

Following are the pre-requisites to capture values in this annexure.

1. Party Ledger : Following details should be defined in the party ledger selected in the Debit Note.

VAT TIN should be of 11 digits with the first two digits other than ' 29 '

Type of Dealer set to Regular

2. Nature of Transaction : In Interstate Purchase Returns annexure, the value of transactions recorded in Debit Note using the following Nature of Transactions are displayed:

Inter-State Purchases

Interstate Consignment Transfer Inward


Interstate Purchase - Against Form C

Interstate Purchase Deemed Export

Interstate Purchase - E1

Interstate Purchase - E2

Interstate Purchase - Taxable

3. VAT Rates : To display transaction details of interstate purchase returns recorded using the aforementioned taxable Nature of Transactions, the VAT rates have to be defined in the,

Stock item master

Purchase ledger, if common ledger is not being used

The tax rates considered in this annexure for interstate purchases made from dealers are, 1%, 2%, 4%, 5%, 5.5%, 12.5%, 13.5%, 14%, 14.5%, 15%, 15.65%, 17%, 20%, 25% and 28%.

The description on each column of this annexure is given below:

Field Name


Debit Note No.

Displays the voucher number of debit note.

Debit Note Date (DD/MM/YYYY)

Displays the voucher date of debit note in DD/MM/YYYY format.

Seller TIN

Displays the VAT TIN of 11 digits with first two digits other than 29 predefined in the party master or entered in the Party Details screen of debit note.

Name of Seller

Displays the name of the party ledger selected in the debit note.

Net Value

Displays the assessable value of debit note.

Tax Value

Displays the CST on debit note.

Other Charges

Displays the value entered for separately charged expenses (ledger grouped under direct/indirect expenses with the option Use for Assessable Value Calculation set to No ).

Total Value (Net Value + Tax Charged + Other Charges)

Displays the invoice value.

Original Invoice Number

Displays the number entered in Original Invoice No. field of debit note.

Original Invoice Date (DD/MM/YYYY)

Displays the date entered in the Original Invoice field of debit note in DD/MM/YYYY format.