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Annexures to Auditor's Report (CARO) (India)

Annexures to Auditor’s Report (CARO) has been added to Tally.ERP 9 to enable auditors to adhere to this checklist consisting of 21 clauses, covering the items that are required to be included in the Auditor’s Report.

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View Annexures to Auditor’s Report (CARO)

Checklist screen

Button options in Checklist screens

Print CARO

Button options in Annexures to Auditor's Report (CARO)

View Annexures to Auditor’s Report (CARO)

Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Audit Documentation > Annexures to Auditor’s Report (CARO) .

To drill-down into the checklist for the sub-clause, place the cursor on the required sub-clause and press Enter .

Checklist screen

The checklist appears when you drill-down from the Annexures to Auditor’s Report (CARO) report.

The auditor can specify whether the items in the checklist have been complied with, using the options in the Status list under Complied column. Observations and comments can be recorded in the Remarks column.

Conclusion drawn based on the auditing conducted as per the checklist can be recorded here. An option to fill in the Conclusion field with pre-defined text has been provided in Tally.ERP 9. The user can also create and save Conclusions to be filled in and the same can be used for filling the field.

Click on the T : Select Text button or press Alt+T

The Select Text sub-screen will appear:

Add User Defined Text : the user can create and save the text that will be used as Conclusion

Remove User Defined Text : text created by the user can be removed using this option

Pre-defined text provided in Tally.ERP 9 can also be used as Conclusion. The Conclusion filled in with pre-defined text appears as shown:

Press Enter to save the checklist.

Button options in Checklist screens

Alt+F9: Status

Ctrl+W: Working Paper Ref

F : Table/Format : This option has been provided to record details to be provided with CARO.

Press Alt+F or click on F : Table/Format . The Table appears (in this case, Loans Granted ):

Choose the Party Ledger concerned, press Enter .

Specify Relationship with Company , Maximum amount involved at any time during the year , and Year end Balance (Rs.)

Press Y or Enter to save the entries made in the table.

Note : F : Table/Format option is available only for Clauses 4(iii)(a) , 4(iii)(e) , 4(ix)(a) , and 4(ix)(b) .

At the bottom of the main screen, Additional Information is provided.

Select Additional Information and press Enter .

The Additional Information sub-screen appears. It comes pre-filled with text that will appear at the beginning of the printed report.

Print CARO

1. Click on P : Print or press Alt+P .

2. To print the report along with the clauses and Signature details of the auditor press Backspace .

3. To print the clauses, set the option Print along with clauses? to Yes .

4. To print the signature details for the auditor, set the option Print Signature details? to Yes .

5. Fill in the Declaration, Firm Name, Name of Chartered Accountant, Salutation, MRN, Place, Date, and so on.

6. Press Y or Enter to print CARO.

Page 1:

At the bottom of the last page, the auditor's Signature Details will be printed:

Note: F9 : Status option is also available on drilling down to the checklist screen

Button options in Annexures to Auditor's Report (CARO)

F1 : Detailed : Click F1 : Detailed or press Alt+F1 to view the detailed report.

F2: Period : Click F2 : Period or press F2 to change the selected period.

F9: Status : To enter the audit status for a sub-clause

o Place the cursor on the required sub-clause and press Spacebar to select it.

o Click F9 : Status or press Alt+F9 . The Status Details sub-screen appears as shown below:

o Select Status for audit with reference to a particular sub-clause as None , Not Applicable , In Progress , or Not Started , as required.

o Select Completed By from the names of the Audit Team member who performed the auditing.

o Select Reviewed By from the names of the Audit Team member who reviewed the auditing.

Ctrl+W: Working Paper Ref : Audit Working Notes, utilized as a means of reference for audit work performed, can be marked for CARO Reporting. Working Notes added at Company, Master, and Voucher Levels and tagged for CARO Reporting will be displayed in CARO Working Paper. To view CARO Working Paper, press Ctrl+W .

Click here to know how to mark Working Notes for CARO Reporting

F9: Inv Reports : Click on F9 : Inv Reports or press F9 to navigate to the default Inventory Reports.

F10: Acc Reports : Click on F10 : Acc Reports or press F10 to navigate to the default Accounting Reports.

F10 : Audit Reports : Click on F10 : Audit Reports or press Alt+F10 to navigate to the other Audit Reports within Statutory Audit reports.