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Assigning Security Controls for Tally.NET Auditor

The Tally.NET auditor is authorised as the owner of the company and has full access to the company data. However, the system administrator can change the access controls of the Tally.NET auditor based on the requirement.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > F3 : Cmp Info > Security Control > Types of Security .

2. Select Tally.NET Auditor in the Types of Security . The Security Levels for company screen appears.

Note: By default, Tally.NET Auditor , and Owner appear in the Security Levels screen. You can modify these details, if required.

3. Type 0 in Days allowed for Back Dated vouchers .

4. Press Enter to skip the field Cut-off date for Back Dated Vouchers .

5. Set Allow company to connect to Yes .

6. Set Use Tally.NET Auditor Authentication to Yes , when the auditor wants to access the client’s data and perform an audit.

Note: By default, Use Tally.NET Authentication is set to No . Users without the auditor’s license cannot audit data by setting the option Use Tally.NET Auditor Authentication to Yes .

7. Select the End of List from the Type of Access in the Disallow the following Facilities section.

8. Select Full Access and Audit Listings in the Allow the following Facilities section.

The Security Levels screen appears as shown below:

9. Press Enter to save the Security Controls for Tally.NET Auditor .