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Displaying Comparative Sales Register

Comparative Sales reports can be generated using Alt+C : New Column button for different periods as shown in the Columnar details list. You can also compare similar data of two or more companies stored in the same data directory.

Using New Column button

Use the New Column button to bring up the Monthly Summary of another ledger or the same ledger in another company.

Press N ew Column on the Button bar or ALT+C and change the Name of Voucher Type. The columnar report is displayed as shown:

Using Alter Column button

Use the Alter Column button to Alter the column in the report which can be viewed in columnar format.

Press A lter Column on the Button bar or ALT+A and change the period.

You can alter the information of the existing or newly added column like Name of company, Date range, Currency and Name of Voucher Type .

Using Auto Column button:

Use the Auto Column button to Auto Repeat columns in the report based on the options selected.

1. Press Auto Column on the Button bar or ALT+N

2. Select Daily as Repeat using option in Auto Repeat Columns screen.

The following screen displays Daily Sales: