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e-VAT Annexure Commission Agent (Uttar Pradesh)

The details of sales and purchase made by commission agent on behalf principal in the return period are captured in Annexure Commission Agent.

Annexure Commission Agent displays transaction where,

The nature of transaction selected in Sales Taxable or Purchase Taxable .

The Company Nature of Business is set to Agent ( Form V details to be provided in sales and Form VI details to be provided in purchase transactions)

The VAT TIN number of the party is 11 digits long.

To view Annexure Commission Agent

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > Form VAT 24 > Annexure Ready .

Press Enter

To export the Annexure

1. Select Annexure Commission Agent , and press Enter .

2. Click E : Export button. Ensure that excel template is available in the Export Location .

3. Press Enter to export.

The various fields in the excel template are described below:

Field Name



Displays the VAT Tin number of the dealer filing the returns, as recorded in the TIN field in Company VAT Details screen.


Displays the financial year of the company for which the tax returns are being filed, in YYYY-YYYY format.


Displays the tax return period based on the option selected in Periodicity of e-Return field in Company VAT Details screen. The options provided are 1 for yearly, 2 for monthly and 3 for quarterly e-returns.


Displays the month for which returns are filed, if monthly is selected as the e-return periodicity. Numbers are displayed from 1 to 12 for each month of the year. In case returns are not filed monthly, 0 is displayed.


Displays the quarter for which returns are field, if quarterly is selected as the e-return periodicity. The option 1st Quarter is displayed for the period April-June and so on. In case returns are not filed quarterly, 0 is displayed.

Certificate No.

Displays the details of Form VI recorded in purchase transaction, and Form V details in case of sales transaction.


Displays the date of Form V/Form VI respectively for Sales and Purchase transaction.

Value of Goods

Displays the assessable value of respective commodity in the transaction.


Displays the tax amount for respective commodity including additional tax in the transaction.

Type (S-Sold/P-Purchase)

Displays transaction type, S for sales when Form V is specified, and P for purchase when Form VI is specified.

Sales TaxAmount

Displays the tax value of respective commodity in the transaction.