Creating Attendance Type (Payroll)

You can define Attendance/Production Types with or without pay.

Attendance/Leave with Pay: Use this to record the positive attendance and leave with pay ( For example , Present, Sick Leave, and so on.)

Leave without Pay: Use this to record negative attendance ( For example , Absent, Leave Without Pay, and so on.)

To record positive attendance type

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Payroll Info. > Attendance/Production Types > Create .

2. Enter the Name of the attendance type.

3. Select Primary from the list for the field Under.

4. Select the Attendance type as Attendance/Leave with Pay. The Period type appears automatically.

5. Press Enter to save.

You can create the Attendance Type Absent as Leave without Pay for recording negative attendance in the same manner.

Note: You can maintain and process both the Negative (no. of Absent days) and Positive (no. of Present days) attendances for an employee to compute the salary.