Inventory Features

Using the Inventory Features , you can enable various options required for making transactions in your business.

To enable the inventory features

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > F11: Features > F1: Inventory . The Company Operations Alteration screen appears as shown below:

2. Enable the required options.

3. Press Ctrl+A to accept.




Additional Information

Integrate accounts and inventory?

Enable this option to include the stock or inventory balance from the inventory records.

Provides a drill down to the stock registers from balance sheet.

Disable this option to maintain accounts and inventory separately.

Stock records often contain compensating errors caused by wrong allocation to items. This feature enables finalization of financial books without waiting for the reconciliation of stocks.

Enable zero-valued transactions?

Enable this option to allow zero-valued transactions in Inventory vouchers.

Storage and Classification



Maintain multiple Godowns / Excise Units?

Enable this option if you have more than one stock storage locations or godowns, and you want to track stock movement across these Locations.

Maintain stock categories?

Enable this option to create and maintain stock categories

Maintain batch-wise details?

Enable this option to maintain batch information pertaining to Stock Items. A new field Maintain in Batches is displayed in the Stock Item Creation screen.

Set expiry dates for batches?

Enable this option to set expiry dates for the batches. This displays an additional field Use Expiry Dates in the Stock Item Creation screen.

Use separate actual and billed quantity columns?

Enable this option to specify quantities, that are different from those delivered/ received, when invoicing.

Order Processing



Enable purchase order processing ?

Enable this option to create purchase orders. This feature can also be used for pre-closure of purchase order.

Enable sales order processing ?

Enable this option to create sales orders.

Enable job order processing?

Enable this option to create job work out or in orders.




Enable invoicing?

Enable this option to create Sales and Purchase vouchers in the invoice format.

Record purchases in invoice mode?

Enable this option to enable voucher class option in purchase voucher type.

Use debit and credit notes?

Enable this option to use the debit note and credit note voucher types.

Record credit notes in invoice mode?

Enable this option to create credit notes in invoice mode.

Record debit notes in invoice mode?

Enable this option to create debit notes in invoice mode.

Purchase Management



Track additional costs of purchase?

Enable this option to obtain a break-up of purchase costs, without the need to separately debit ledger accounts for expenses.

Sales Management



Use multiple price levels?

Enable this option to create multiple price levels.

Other Features



Use track ing numbers  (enables delivery and receipt notes)?

Enable this option to use tracking numbers to maintain the relation between delivery notes and invoices. This is available for both purchases and sales.

Use rejection inward and outward notes?

Enable this option to record rejection of goods separately and not through a common debit note or credit note.

Use material in and out vouchers?

Enable this option to record transfer of item quantity towards the party and transfer material from one Godown (Location) to the other.

Use cost tracking for stock item?

Enable this option to analyse the cost involved for an item.