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FAQ on Excise for Manufacturer

This page provides all the FAQ related to excise for manufacturer.

1.    How do I change or revise the excise rate of duty?

2.    How do I avail CENVAT credit on purchase of capital goods?

3.    How do I avail partial CENVAT credit for purchase of capital goods?

4.    How to resolve mismatch in the tax amount of VAT return after migrating the excise data from release 4.9x that has the option Excise rules of invoicing enabled to release 5.x?

5.    How do I configure stock group for Excise for Manufacturer?

6.    How do I configure stock item for Excise for Manufacturer?

7.    How do I configure stock classification for Excise for Manufacturer?

8.    How do I carry forward the amount of CENVAT credit and excess duty payment made in previous tax period to subsequent tax period?

9.    How to account for retained goods?

10.  How to allocate customs duty to the cost of an item?

11.  Why is Excise Supplementary Sales Invoice captured in Excluded Transactions in excise triangulation report?

12.  How to account for excise when there is actual and billed quantity in the invoice?

13.  Unable to link an excise supplementary invoice to multiple invoices in Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.x. Why?

14.  How to Configure Excise Details based on Classification or Groups in Release 5?

15.  Why is the assessable value displayed, different from the amount manually entered in the excise invoice?

16.  Why is the provision for adjusting PLA amount against excise duty payable not available in release 5.0 and above?

17.  In release 5.x, why is the notification number not printed in buyer details section of Rule 11 Invoice?

18.  Closing stock value is not updated after availing CENVAT credit

19.  Why is the option Captive Consumption removed from the list of Nature of Removal in invoice from Release 5.0?

20.  What are the post migration pre-requisites for manufacturer excise data?

21.  How to configure tax rates after migrating excise data?

22.  Serial Number 'x' already exists

23.  Selecting excisable item with different rates in sale invoice

24.  In RG 23 Part II, invoice numbers against which CENVAT credit is utilised are not captured. Why?

25.  How to avail CENVAT credit on capital goods and inputs purchased through a single invoice? How can I view this in RG 23 Part II and Annexure 10?

26.  How to alter the excise assessable value as per the altered stock item value in an excise invoice?

27.  Why are additional duty ledgers enabled for excise not considered for excise duty calculation when the valuation type is selected as MRP based?

28.  How to account Excise Duty Opening Balance From Release 5 onwards?

Release 5.4

1.    What are the enhancements in Excise in release 5.4?

2.    Why have the excise registers removed earlier been brought back?

3.    Why are CENVAT credit and PLA summary reports not given?

4.    How to configure excise sales of jewellery business?

5.    How to export excise e-return in Release 5?

Release 5.4.4

1.    How to account for direct export to generate Form ARE-1?

2.    How to record sales to SEZ to generate Form ARE-2?

3.    How to record sales to 100% EoUs to generate Form ARE-3?

4.    How to generate Form ARE-1?

5.    How to generate Form ARE-2?

6.    How to generate Form ARE-3?

7.    How to generate and print Form ER 8 - Jewel?

8.    How to generate CT - 1 outstanding report?

9.    How to generate CT - 3 outstanding report?